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Barangay Micro Business Enterprise

A BMBE is defined as any business enterprise engaged in production, processing or manufacturing of products, including aggro-processing, trading and services, with total assets of not more than 3P million excluding.

In order to secure a BMBE Certification, the following must be submitted:

  1. Duly filled up and signed BMBE Application Form and
  2. DTI registration for sole proprietorship; SEC registration for corporations, Partners or Association; CDA registration for Cooperatives.

These documents must be filled with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), through the Negosyo Center.

The registration and issuance of a Certificate of Authority as a BMBE is free of charge.

The Certificate of Authority shall be effective for a period of two (2) years, Commencing from the date of issuance and renewable every 2 years thereafter subject to the applicant’s continued compliance with the eligibility requirements.

The benefits of  a BMBE are as follows:

  1. Exemption from income tax arising from the operations of the enterprise.
  2. Exemption from the coverage of the Minimum Wage Law, provided, that a employees covered under this Act shall be entitled to the same benefits given to any regular employee such as social security and healthcare benefits.
  3. Access to financial assistance by designated financial institutions.
  4. Access to training and technology transfer assistance by the government.

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