Clark Business Conference and MACCII MOU signing attracts high interest from local and European businesses.
The upcoming digital business conference themed “Clark, the next big opportunity?”, organized in partnership with Metro Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Pampanga Chamber of Commerce, Clark Development Corporation and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines together with the Spanish Chamber, the French Chamber, the Dutch Chamber, Advantage Austria and the Nordic Chamber of Commerce has been creating high interest from economic operators from the Philippines and abroad.

The presence and curiosity from of international chambers and investors is a special incentive for local stakeholders to disclose the secrets and the perks of investing & doing business in Clark. On Friday February 11 2022 Metro Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines had a separate partnership MOU signing with the presence, respectively, of MACCII President Elizabeth Timbol, ICCPI President Sergio Boero, past MACCII President Arnie Valdez and past MACCII President and former CILA Francisco Villanueva and ICCPI Vice President Lorens Ziller. The partnership agreement between the two chambers wants to foster stronger business relationships between the members of the chambers as well as the wider Italian business community.

The aim is also to enhance cooperation opportunities for investment, business, innovation and exchange of information in various sectors active in Clark and the wider region.

This exciting initiative shall be the springboard for business missions and investments. Important organizations have already pledged their active participation and commitment.

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MACCII Directors Zoom meeting with International Chambers & Investors
MACCII President Elizabeth Timbol with the MOU